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State Sporting Organisations (SSO) Governance

Governance is how an organisation is managed.

An organisation that demonstrates good governance can: 

  • develop strategic goals and direction.
  • monitor organisation performance to ensure it achieves its strategic goals, has effective systems in place and complies with legal and regulatory obligations.
  • act in the best interests of its members.

The Sports Governance Capability Framework (Framework)

The Framework has been developed to assist State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) improve governance practices and skills. 

The Framework seeks to refer to, and reflect, the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Sports Governance Principles 2012 (Sports Governance Principles) and the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW) (Act).

Included in the Framework is a range of information, resources and templates which aim to reflect and follow the Sports Governance Principles being: 

Principle 1: Board composition, roles and powers
Principle 2: Board processes
Principle 3: Governance systems
Principle 4: Board reporting and performance
Principle 5: Stakeholder relationship and reporting
Principle 6: Ethical and responsible decision making.

The Framework focuses on key areas of governance and aims to assist SSOs to improve governance practices. 

The Framework may be used in two (2) different ways:

  1. to address a particular requirement at any one time. For example, the board may refer to the relevant section of the Framework prior to an upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) to review its election processes; and/or
  2. as a model for the board to undertake a comprehensive governance review process where the board can systematically work through each stage for reflection, improvement and to ensure risk management and compliance obligations are met. 

Whichever approach is preferred, SSOs should seek to review each stage at some point so a continual review, evaluation and hopefully improvement of the organisation’s governance occurs.

Membership structure, legal structure, regulatory environment, culture, members’ expectations, NSO requirements, government requirements are all organisational context factors to consider which parts of the Framework apply to each SSO and which Tool Kit templates you can adopt and apply.

The Framework covers the following broad areas of governance for SSOs.

  1. Structure and purpose
  2. Election and Appointment
  3. Board Induction
  4. Board Performance, Behaviour and Culture
  5. Performance evaluation and Board development.

Model Constitution Templates

Sport Structures


The Framework and Toolkit of Templates also includes revised Model Sport and Sport Constitutions for SSOs, District/Regional Associations and community sport clubs.

The Templates are easy to use and can be tailored to suit the cultural, strategic and structural requirements and context of each sport.

The Templates cover all the Framework broad areas of governance as follows:

  1. Structure and Purpose 2. Election and Appointment 3. Board Induction 4. Board Performance, Behaviour and Culture 5. Performance Evaluation and Board Development


Note: as with any legal documents, this does not replace obtaining legal advice on each sports specific requirements and it is recommended you do so.

The information provided in the framework and tool kit is for your information only.  The authors and the NSW Office of Sport accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or your reliance upon it.

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