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Constitution and rules

The Rules of an Incorporated Sporting Association form the structure within which the sport club operates.  Rules can include the Constitution, Regulations and By-laws.

Under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW), an association or club may:

  • Adopt the model constitution 
  • Draft its own rules
  • Adopt the model  constitution with changes eg. model sport constitutions below.

More information

  • Fair Trading NSW  - constitutions for incorporated associations (including model constitution)
  • Contact your national or state sporting body for further information and advice.

Model sport constitution templates

To assist sport develop useful and effective constitutions, Sport and Recreation has developed a series of model sports constitution templates. The templates are useful to clubs about to be incorporated or those already incorporated but keen to update their existing constitution.

Using the templates

Before getting started it’s a good idea to:

  • Check whether your club has additional obligations arising from its affiliation with a regional, state or national body.
  • As with any legal document, you should seek professional legal advice
  • Refer to the Australian Sports Commission’s Governance Principles – a national approach to sport governance
  • As you work through the template, think beyond your club’s current situation – it is best to draft a constitution that allows the club to operate effectively over time.


After developing your club’s constitution, you may also need to develop regulations that provide more detail on different sections of the constitution. Regulations (sometimes called by-laws) are easier to adjust and update. They are also more operational. The model sports constitution templates highlight section of your club constitution that could be accompanied by regulations (marked by “r”).

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