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Participation Planning Tool resources & glossary

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Product Design

Facilities and Access

Commercial Model

Marketing and Communication

Delivery and Partnerships

Market Insights


Barrier A negative outcome identified by the sector at an organisational-level or consumer-level.
Consumer A participant or fan of the sport.
Market Insights Information about the consumer and the broader market, gained through market research or analysis of available data.
Deliverer An organisation or individual providing opportunities for consumers to participate in a sport product.
Driver A cause of one of the major outcomes (positive and negative) identified by the sector at an organisation or consumer-level.
Elements A priority consideration set for sports when assessing performance and developing their internal plans.
Outcomes Positive or negative experiences at an organisation-level or consumer-level. Effectively implemented drivers result in positive outcomes. Ineffectively implemented drivers result in negative outcomes.
Performance Measures An indication of performance which specifies a desired, quantifiable change within a timeframe.
Product A program for sport participants.
Product Design The features and benefits developed for the product.
Trend A general direction in which something is changing or developing.