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Duke of Ed Award centres

Duke of Award Centre sign

Any organisation that works directly with young people can deliver the Award. As an Award Centre you are forming a partnership with the largest international pursuit of youth development in the world!

There are over 400 Award Centres across NSW. Award Centres can be:

  • Sporting clubs and associations
  • Schools, colleges or tertiary institutions
  • Community organisations 
  • Social Club

Benefits to an organisation

  • Recognises and rewards young people for the work they already do in your organisation
  • Opportunity to build and retain volunteer numbers, improve administration and succession planning
  • Empowers your students, builds resilience and upskills them for future career and study opportunities
  • Supports your organisation’s strategies and objects
  • Offers a volunteering framework for staff and young volunteers
  • Enhances skill development, group participation, confidence, self-esteem, leadership, fitness, and community connection
  • Opportunity to connect with other like organisations, clubs, schools and community groups
  • Contributes to your Corporate Social Responsibility framework and planning


  2019 2020
Award Centre Annual Affiliation fee $372 $375
Bronze registration $130 $140
Silver registration $135 $150
Gold registration $160 $170
Change of Level $35 $40
Replacement Badge $15 $20
Replacement Badge or CertificateReplacement Badge or CertificateReplacement Certificate $10 $20
NOTE: Fees effective 01/01/2020

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