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Australian Sports Commission's Online Coaching General Principles course

A good coach can create positive sporting experiences for athletes. Along with helping athletes realise their potential, coaches at all levels have to ensure athletes enjoy themselves and continue participating in sport.

Coaching can be a demanding job. Technical knowledge, people management, sport safety and coaching techniques are just a few of the areas coaches need to be experts in. Luckily, there are a number of online resources that can help.

Coaching resources

Your state or national body is a good first port of call, with many useful coaching sections available online.

  • For coaching tools and tips, the Australian Sports Commission has a large resource library on coaching, training sessions, game day, behaviour management and more.
  • Sports Coach is a magazine and website, with extensive information on a range of coaching topics.
  • Sport and Recreation has practical tips on inclusive coaching
  • Sports Medicine Australia can help educate you on a range of sports injury and safety topics, with fact sheets, advice and training.
  • Play by the Rules has useful resources on risk management, child protection, harassment and complaints management.
  • Clearinghouse for Sport can help connect sports people to a world of ideas, experience and knowledge. 

Education and accreditation

If you’re new to coaching the Australian Sports Commission has a free, online community coaching course that’s ideal for beginners.

If you’ve been coaching for a while, becoming an accredited coach is the next important step. The Australian Sporting Commission’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) is involved in more than 70 sports and is a great way of ensuring quality coaching across all sports.

The NCAS is a progressive coach education program offering courses at various levels. Some are face-to-face, some are online and include:

  • General coaching principles – aspects of coaching and athletic performance common to all sports
  • Sport-specific coaching – skills, techniques, strategies and approaches specific to your sport.

For more information on becoming an accredited coach, contact your State or National Sporting Organisation.

Coaching and officiating agencies

Organisations can apply to deliver the Australian Sports Commission's coaching general principles and online officiating principles courses. Contact Sport and Recreation for more information.

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