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Shoosh for Kids

Shoosh for Kids

Access the resources from our summer season here. 

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Shoosh for Kids awareness week for summer sports will be held 11 – 17 November 2019.

However, the campaign message is relevant all season long, so consider using the FREE resources to promote the importance of positivity to your members, now and all season long.

Shoosh for Kids is a collaborative effort between the Office of Sport and State Sporting Organisations to promote positive behaviour to their members, clubs and associations. The general rule is, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

The purpose of the campaign is to support grassroots sports in providing positive environments for their members, whilst also addressing issues which arise from poor behaviour including:

  • Abuse to officials
  • Reduced volunteer numbers
  • Reduced participation rates (due to poor experiences/non-enjoyment/too competitive)

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