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Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund

Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund will foster the benefits of sport in communities.  This fund will invest in new and existing venues to improve the participation and performance in sports at all levels.

The NSW Government is determined to ensure regions remain vibrant communities. The Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund will ensure that NSW has a network of spaces and places that enable quality sport and active recreation participation and performance at all levels. 

The fund objectives are to:

  • increase the number and type of regional sporting facilities
  • improve the standard of existing regional sporting facilities
  • increase participation opportunities in sport
  • provide infrastructure that enables economic growth and boost productivity.  

This fund targets investments over $1 million.

Download the Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund guidelines (PDF, 766KB)

Download the Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund fact sheet (PDF, 117KB)

Download the Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund frequently asked questions (PDF, 119KB)


The following groups can apply:

  • local government authorities in all 92 regional local government areas, Lord Howe Island and the Unincorporated Far West
  • state sporting organisations
  • incorporated, community based, not-for-profit sporting organisations (clubs or district associations)
  • educational organisations (such as schools, TAFEs and universities) in conjunction with local councils and local or state sporting entities
  • private enterprises.

Project nominations involving partnerships of the above groups are encouraged.

The land on which the facility is to be developed must be one of the following:  

  • Crown reserve land
  • land owned by a public authority
  • municipal property
  • land held for public purposes by trustees under a valid lease, title or trust deed that adequately protects the interests of the public
  • private land that benefits the community's interests in sport and active recreation. 

Check if your local government area is eligible

Purpose of funds

Priority for funding will be given to proposals which:

  • provide an economic benefit such as increased tourism or the creation of jobs
  • meet a demonstrable need in the community
  • establish regional sports hubs
  • enhance regionally significant sporting facilities
  • can be used by more than one sporting code
  • are aligned with the facility plans of state sporting organisations, regional sporting associations and local sporting clubs
  • are identified in the Office of Sport’s regional sport and active recreation plan
  • are financially sustainable
  • provide the highest net benefits
  • increase participation opportunities in sport
  • provide infrastructure that enables economic growth and boosts productivity.


Eligible projects will be assessed against four program criteria.

Criteria 1: Strategic assessment

Applicants must demonstrate that projects will meet the statutory purpose of the Restart NSW Fund to improve economic growth and productivity in NSW. For the purposes of the Regional Sports Infrastructure fund,  the strategic assessment considers the alignment of the project with a range of strategic priorities for sport and recreation, including NSW Government priorities, state sporting organisation and/or local council strategic plans, and whether the project will support improvements in sport participation, and the capacity and use of sporting facilities. 

The assessment also considers the project's urgency and risk in terms of responding to legal and safety requirements, meeting demands in community expectations, as well as any existing conditions or constraints associated with carry-over expenditure or other secured funding for the project. 

Criteria 2: Economic assessment

Applications must demonstrate how a project will have a positive impact on productivity and economic growth in the state through the creation or enhancement of publicly owned assets.

Proposals must describe how this infrastructure will provide an economic benefit to the proposed location, including building local tourism and jobs. 

Proposed projects will only receive funding if they can demonstrate a Cost Benefit Ratio above 1.0.

The NSW Government will undertake a Cost Benefit Analysis of all Regional Sports Infrastructure projects.

Criteria 3: Affordability 

All proposals will need to demonstrate affordability of the project relative to the available funding, taking into account net life-cycle cost, impacts and allowing for ongoing operating and maintenance requirements.

This also includes an assessment of a range of fundamental project planning requirements.

The assessment focuses on the robustness of the project cost planning, including whether the funding is for a new or existing asset, how realistic the budget is, if other funding has been secured, and if the nominating organisation has an existing plan and budget in place to mange project costs. 

The organisation must also have the capacity to fund and manage the operation of the infrastructure over its whole life. 

Criteria 4: Deliverability

All applicants will need to demonstrate that they have the capacity to deliver the project through robust strategies for procurement, project management and risk management. This category is focused on assessing the robustness of key project delivery aspects. 

How to apply    

The Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund is administered by the Office of Sport with Infrastructure NSW.

Applying for the Regional Sports Infrastructure fund is a two-step process.

Step 1: Submit an Expression of Interest

Applicants must supply high-level technical and administrative information about the project. The NSW Government will review Expressions of Interest against the fund objectives and eligibility criteria.

Applicants can seek advice and assistance from the Office of Sport.

Step 2: Submit a business case

Based on the outcomes generated during the first assessment process, selected organisations will be requested to formally submit a business case for consideration. Relevant parties will be required to provide significantly more detail regarding their project, including information on their ability to carry out the project in an appropriate time frame and the competitiveness of the proposal against factors such as value for money, sustainability and the level of contingency/risk.

Proposed projects will only receive funding if they can demonstrate a Cost Benefit Ratio above 1.0.

As the fund is part of Restart NSW, projects will need to meet the requirements of the Restart NSW Fund Act, including being for the purpose of improving economic growth and productivity in the state.

The NSW Government can provide guidance on business case development.

Support may be provided for the preparation of a business case including advice on technical studies, concept plans, designs and initial approvals.

The Office of Sport may supply business cases to other organisations for eligibility assessment and proposal appraisal. The Office of Sport will consult relevant stakeholders (such as other NSW and federal government agencies, local councils, Members of Parliament, Regional Development Australia, independent experts and external parties). Summary information about each proposed project will be published on NSW Government websites, unless the applicant objects.

Extra help preparing an effective business case

A webinar video to help applicants prepare effective business cases for Regional Growth Fund applications is now available to watch on the Regional NSW website.

Regional Growth Fund Powerpoint slide pack

Applicants can also download the information slides from the webinar.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions about preparing a business case is also available on the website.

Office of Regional Development staff are available to discuss project eligibility, the application process and support business case development

Phone: 1300 679 673

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The fund remains open to applications year-round.

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