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1. Club Health Check

To be a successful, well-run club, you need a clear understanding of leadership, planning, people and organisational performance while maintaining a strong member focus.

The Sport Australia Club Health Check is the first step in growing your club and helping to make it sustainable.

It is an online assessment tool which looks at numerous factors that are crucial to success. It then combines these results to build an overall picture of the way your club carries out its operations.

The online assessment should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. 

It is recommended two or three people from your club complete the online assessment together. Once you have completed the assessment, a detailed report will be emailed to you. This report will identify improvements and growth areas for your club.

Should your report highlight issues of concern, contact your parent body, your District or Regional sport association or State Sporting Organisation (SSO) to discuss your Club Health Check report and how to best resolve those issues.

More information

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