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Xtreme Challenge Unit Overview

Suggested scope and sequence

All theory and practical activities are described fully in the Xtreme Challenge Unit of Work, which you will receive upon booking into this program.

  • Introduction, expectations and assessment overview
  • Perceptions of leisure and recreation
  • Exploring event management
  • Initiative game challenges
  • Outcomes of participation in leisure and recreation
  • The future of Australian sport
  • Event management
  • Participation in leisure and recreation activities
  • Event analysis
  • Participation in leisure and recreation activities
  • Risk environments and behaviours
  • Assessing risk
  • Event management
  • Developing physical fitness
  • Event management
  • Digital journal
  • Developing physical fitness
  • Event management
  • Digital journal
  • Developing physical fitness
  • Event management
  • Digital journal
  • Developing physical fitness
  • Xtreme Challenge​ - 3-day camp at a Sport and Recreation Centre
  • Celebration, debrief and evaluation
  • Digital journal
  • Finalise digital journal

Sample activities

Use local resources and environment to participate and develop fitness and skills in enjoyable recreational/fitness pursuits to prepare for the Xtreme Challenge. Examples of events may include: climbing, abseiling, orienteering, rogaining, rope courses, mountain biking, canoeing/kayaking, and boot camp.
  • Investigate an international or local recreation/fitness event. Explore the history, significance and health/fitness requirements of this event, for example, Tough Mudder, Weekend Warrior, Forster Triathlon, City to Surf.
  • Work in teams to plan, implement and evaluate a recreational fitness challenge, considering all aspects of the event including format, promotion and safety.
  • Examine the story of Turia Pitt and her journey to recover from severe burns after an adventure race in the Kimberleys was mismanaged by event officials.
  • Challenge students in training programs using fitness Apps on a mobile device.
  • Participate in the Xtreme Challenge at a Sport and Recreation Centre
Note: The Unit of Work is designed to run for approximately 8 to 10 weeks however, teachers can reduce or extend the time taken to present the information. If teachers wish to place greater emphasis on the Event Management module, schools may consider hosting a fundraiser, such as a fun run or obstacle-a-thon. There is a high degree of flexibility within this unit and it can cater for a range of schools and student needs, as well as varying student abilities.
We recommend camps be held in Terms 2 or 3 as this is the ideal time to access a range of facilities within the Centres.

Sample 3-day camp

Please note, this is a sample program and should only be used as a guide for teachers. Each Centre may have variations and negotiations with Centre staff will take place prior to the program start date to determine what activities or order of events teachers would like carried out. Alternative activities can be designed by teachers for inclusion, so please discuss any suggestions or recommendations you have with Centre staff. Five-day programs are also available which can include a wider range of activities and allow for longer preparation time for the Xtreme Challenge events.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Travel time
Arrival and welcome:
  • Orientation
  • Tour of Centre and discussion of Xtreme Challenge set-up
Logistics/planning session:
  • Set-up of Xtreme Challenges
  • Safety briefing
  • Obstacle practise time
Activity session and debrief:
  • Canoeing, flying fox or giant swing
  • Debrief
Activity session:
  • At height activity such as rock climbing, abseiling or high ropes
  • Focus given to risk assessment to support this aspect of study
Xtreme Challenge:
  • Complete Xtreme Challenge
  • Debrief
Farewell and travel home safely
Night activity:
  • Bushwalk/campfire
  • Talk with Centre staff to discuss and fine tune Xtreme Challenges
  • Digital journal activities in line with assessment task
Night activity:
  • Team challenges, initiative games and/or trivia night
  • Digital journal entries
  • Presentation of awards
Supper and bed
Supper and bed

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