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High Performance Pathways

High performance sport is an important driver for participation in sport and attendance at major sporting events. Through sport we find inspirational role models who engender community pride and help strengthen the social fabric of communities, regions and even countries.
For over a century Australia has prided itself on our sportspeople delivering superior performances on the world stage and inspiring the next generation of aspiring athletes.

High Performance Pathway Strategy

The NSW Office of Sport Strategic Plan 2018-2022 outlined high performance pathways as a priority area of focus.

In order to address this priority area and to drive the improvement of performance outcomes in NSW, and ensure we remain a valued partner in Australia’s success, the Office has identified the need for the development of a NSW high performance pathways strategy.

In 2018, the Office aims to facilitate the development of a collaborative strategy that works to align and unite pathway wide knowledge and structures to enhance the talent pipeline, contributing to sustained state, national and international success.

Expert research, evidence and comprehensive sector consultation will be considered during the development of the high performance pathway strategy.

The NSW Office of Sport commissioned Ernst & Young to complete a review of the high performance pathway landscape in NSW. The report produced from this review can be found below and will be considered alongside various other insights in the development of the strategy.

EY High Performance Talent Pathway Review

Supporting Pre-elite Athletes

In conjunction with the Your Local Club Academy Games, the Office of Sport hosted a workshop for parents of pre-elite athletes, providing practical tips for supporting athletes during their sporting journey.

The presentation by Dr Juanita Weissensteiner provides an outline of the FTEM (Foundation, Talent, Elite, Mastery) model and explains the role of parents and support networks in providing a positive environment for their athletes.


Tips for parents of pre-elite athletes workshop
22 April 2018

Duration: 56:07 minutes | Transcript 

The Office of Sport partnered with the Regional Academies of Sport to present a workshop on the best way to support developing athletes. Dr Juanita Weissensteiner from Australian Institute of Sport covers issues concerning young athletes including:

  • Athlete burnout and over-training
  • Selection and non-selection
  • Time management

Provided by: Oasis Media

FTEM Model

FTEM, is representative of the ‘whole of sport’ pathway which includes active lifestyle activities, recreational and high performance sport.

Foundation Talent Elite Mastery (FTEM) Framework

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