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The Office of Sport is a member of the Australasian Sport Information Network (AUSPIN).  AUSPIN comprises sports information and research professionals working across the sport and active recreation sector in Australia. AUSPIN members share expertise, information and experiences, as well as promote, develop, and facilitate access to a broad range of sport information and research resources  through the Clearinghouse for Sport.

Clearinghouse for Sport

Clearinghouse for Sport is a web portal hosted by the Australian Sports Commission that collects and distributes information for the sport and recreation industry.

Register now

Clearinghouse for Sport requires you to register and log in to access a range of online services and licensed resources including:

  • Daily Sports News - updates on national and international sport matters
  • In the Know – the latest research on over 30 sports and sport related topics
  • Electronic journals and research databases
  • Digital image files, and DVD and audio recordings
  • Digitally archived Australian sports publications and reports
  • Research and reference services
  • Discussion forums and other online social collaboration tools.

Members can also contribute news, resources, and good practice to the site.

Clearinghouse for Sport Experts

Clearinghouse for Sport Experts are individuals who have been identified as specialists in a certain field of knowledge or expertise. Clearinghouse Experts participate in evaluating and contributing to Knowledge Base portfolios and are contactable by Clearinghouse members. Nominate yourself now as a Clearinghouse Expert. 


For more information

Contact the Office of Sport's Clearinghouse representative or make a general research enquiry

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