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Modernising and optimising our services

A new way of delivering sport and active recreation in NSW.

The Office of Sport is working with the sport and active recreation sector to design a new service delivery model for sport and active recreation services across NSW.

This comes following the Minister for Sport announcing in December 2016 that the 11 Sport and Recreation Centres will remain owned and operated by the Office of Sport following a review into service delivery options in 2016. The announcement indicated that the Centres will be modernised and optimised.

This decision provides the opportunity to revise its approach and review its provision of services, in particular its regional service delivery model. The scope of this project includes Office of Sport entities and programs including Sport and Recreation Centres, Regional Offices and grant funding.

What does ‘modernised and optimised’ mean?

In the context of this project, ‘modernise’ and ‘optimise’ means doing new and contemporary activities across the Office of Sport’s regional service delivery network, while making best use of available staff and funding. For example, leading the development of new programs, creating new partnerships or building new or renovating facilities.

What is the objective of the project?

The objective of this project is to implement a more cohesive and holistic regional service delivery model that connects entities in each region and leverages the strengths of the Office of Sport to lead the sport and active recreation sector.

It is proposed, that once finalised, the model will:

  • align the Office of Sport to the 10 NSW Government regional boundaries
  • ensure services provided by the Office of Sport remain relevant to the sector
  • tailor service offering to the unique needs and characteristics of each region
  • improve connectivity internally between Office of Sport and the sector
  • develop and implement Regional Sport and Active Recreation Plans for each NSW Government region that provides an operational framework for how agreed outcomes will be achieved in each region
  • enhance synergies between the Sport and Recreation Centres, Regional Offices, Regional Academies of Sport, the sport and active recreation sector, other sector partners and the three levels of Government (Commonwealth, State and Local)
  • align services to contribute to achievement of Government and Premier’s priorities, including Tackling Childhood Obesity and Improving Government Services
  • work with key stakeholders in the planning of facilities and infrastructure across the regions
  • build the resources and capabilities of the sector.


The outcomes expected from this project include:

  • increase the percentage of the NSW population regularly participating in physical activity
  • a more strengthened and integrated high performance pathway
  • an enhanced Office of Sport and sport and active recreation sector capability.

Approach – key steps and timeframe

The Modernising and Optimising Our Services project will have three phases:

Phase Activity Indicative Timeframe

Phase 1 – Project planning, mapping and stakeholder consultation

  • Develop project plan, objectives and aims
  • Round 1 - Concept testing.

Feb – May 2017

Phase 2 – Analysis and recommendation

  • Information gathered from Phase 1, as well as additional stakeholder consultation with the sector will be analysed to develop ‘modernised and optimised’ service delivery options and recommendations
  • Start development of individualised Regional Sport and Active Recreation Plans for each region
  • Consult with key internal and external stakeholders in each region, including Round 2 - Regional Concept Testing (June 2017)


June – Dec 2017

Round 2 – Stakeholder consultation Consult with key internal and external stakeholders in each region. June 2017

Phase 3 – Implementation

  • Implementation of the preferred option
  • Finalise the Regional Sport and Active Recreation Plans for each region.

Jan 2018 – Dec 2019

Round 2 - Regional Concept Testing – Local Council and Sports

Throughout June, the Office of Sport travelled around NSW to hear the views of local regional sporting stakeholders including regional sporting organisations and local councils. The views of these stakeholders will provide valuable input and guidance to the Regional Sport Operating Model.

Below is a list of locations that stakeholder consultations were held. If you would like more information on these sessions, please contact Chris Elasi.

Region Location Date
Far West Cobar 1 June 2017
Central West and Orana Orange 1 June 2017
North Coast Coffs Harbour 5 June 2017
New England/North West Tamworth 6 June 2017
7 June 2017
Central Coast Terrigal 13 June 2017
Illawarra Wollongong 15 June 2017
South East & Tablelands Goulburn 21 June 2017
Riverina Murray Wagga Wagga 22 June 2017
23 June 2017
Central West & Orana Dubbo 26 June 2017
Hunter Newcastle 29 June 2017

Next steps

  • Feedback provided from the Round 2 consultations will be analysed in conjunction with additional data sources to develop a draft Regional Sport Operating Model for the Office of Sport, as well as the Regional Sport and Active Recreation Plans.

A new way of delivering sport and active recreation in NSW (PDF, 5.04MB)