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Our top three training tips for obstacle course racing

April 2018

Have you started training for the Keepit Kommando event yet? Check out our top three training tips to smash your goals on race day. 

1. Go for a run
Running is a key element of any obstacle course, so improving your cardio is going to benefit you. Jon Albon, three-time OCR world champion, recommends integrating three different types of running into your training schedule: intervals, temp running and long-distance running. If you’re looking for fitspo to keep you on track until the big day, check out the Western Sydney Marathon. There’s five distances to choose from including a 2.5km Youth Dash, 5km Family Run, 10km Lap the Lake circuit, Half Marathon and Marathon. Best of all, all finishers receive a medal for that much-needed confidence boost.





2. Plan your nutrition
Carb-loading doesn’t necessarily mean you must eat the refined, white variety such as pizza and pasta. Training expert Liz Barnet suggests eating food like sweet potatoes, squash, beets, wild rice and quinoa for a nutrient-dense meal that will give you loads of energy and won’t weigh you down. Hydration is also key. Barnet says to start drinking plenty of water two days before the event and focus on increasing your electrolytes intake. This will help to increase your hydration levels and reduce the risk of cramping up.

Here’s some of our favourite delicious and nutritious recipes from Make Healthy Normal. They also provide great tips to help you drink more water.





3. Don’t forget your upper body
There’s going to be monkey bars, vertical climbing platforms and rope climbs, so you’re going to need some upper-body strength. Luckily, we know a way to get those gains and it doesn’t involve dreaded chin ups and push ups! Climbing is a great upper-body workout that’s so much fun it won’t even feel like a workout. In addition, according to Abigail Wise a one-hour climbing session can burn well over 700 calories!

Our Sport and Recreation Centres have loads of at-height activities where you can scale vertical or near vertical walls using climbing pegs of different shapes and sizes – fun and safe for the entire family.




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