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Women’s sport forum looks at storytelling, authenticity and value

November 2017

On Thursday 19 October, the Office of Sport hosted the Unleashing the Value of Women's Sport forum in Sydney. It was a day full of inspiring speakers at the forefront of women’s sport in Australia. Read the Forum Report (0.7 MB).

Read below the five key themes that emerged through the day, illuminating why women’s sport is so hot right now.  

1.    We are living in an age of purpose, authenticity and story telling 

Gayle While, Deputy CEO of Clemenger BBDO said that “Millenials and Gen Xers are looking for brands they can believe in. Sports’ fan base, media coverage and attention-grabbing athletes is the highest profile channel for companies to promote their values and drive positive legacy change”. 

2.    Storytelling drives emotional connection

Kayla Ramiscal, Nielsen Sport, provided significant insights into female audiences. “Women – millennial women especially – connect with personal stories.  They aspire and look up to other women who do things out of the ordinary, such as excel in sport, politics and show business”.

3.    Interest and value is here, now!

Kayla Ramiscal, Nielsen Sport went on to say that “Interest in women’s sport is the shining star of Australian sport. The good news is that Australia is leading the way in women’s sport. 47% of Australians are interested in at least one women’s competition. Women’s sport interest in general is increasing and the gap in interest between men & women is closing. This is important as 70% - 80% of purchasing decisions are made by women”.

4.    Successful partnerships run deep

Through the day we had incredible case studies from Lendlease, Kelloggs, Suncorp and NAB. All reiterated that these are not just sponsorships, they are partnerships that run incredibly deeply through the code, the brand and the corporate. 

5.    We need a new yardstick for measuring value in women’s sport

Nicole Jeffery, Sports Journalist, The Australian, outlined why women’s sport is doing so well on the talkability front. “It’s easier to love one person than a whole team. Use your individual athletes as a way to draw people in. Sports in the past have been reluctant to do this due to off-field scandal. Women tend to hold stories better, and are a safer bet.”

Read a full wrap-up of the day and each of these themes by Samara Kitchener: An epic tale of storytelling, authenticity and value of women's sport (House of Kitch)