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Getting sport ‘in the game’ with future planning

May 2019

The Office of Sport is ensuring sport is a ‘player’ when it comes to future planning of major urban precincts in Sydney known as ‘Collaboration Areas’. What’s a Collaboration Area and why is it so important that sports infrastructure is incorporated? Read more to find out.

Collaboration Areas are a place-based, multi-stakeholder approach to solving complex urban issues that typically revolve around precincts that contain major transport nodes, education facilities and health facilities.

At the Office of Sport, we know that physical activity can make a huge difference to health and fitness, and access to open space and sports infrastructure is vital to this. Our Facility Strategy and Planning team have been working closely with the Greater Sydney Commission in the planning of Collaboration Areas, using our data analysis and consultation expertise to demonstrate the need to enhance community sport infrastructure so it supports current and future residents, workers, students and visitors to these areas.