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Transport for residential Kids' Camps

Is your child travelling to camp by bus?

All buses depart from and return to Sydney Olympic Park.

If you are unsure of transport arrangements for your child, you can check transport options on the online booking event page and on your booking confirmation.

How do I get to the meeting point?

How do I sign my child in and out?

  • A parent or guardian’s signature is required for both drop off and pick up
  • Once you have signed your child in, you will need to drop their luggage at the bus and ensure they are seated inside
  • At pick-up, you will need to sign your child out and collect them and their luggage from the bus - please ensure they leave with everything they came with
  • If you’ve organised for a friend, family member, or anyone other than yourself to pick up your child, you need to let our Client Service Centre know by calling 13 13 02 - If you haven’t let us know someone else is picking up your child, they will not be able to leave our care
  • Ball games and running around are not permitted - all children need to remain in the designated area to ensure nobody gets hurt

What do I need to do with medication?

  • All medications need to be clearly labelled with your child’s full name and handed over to our staff

How can I keep in contact?

  • Join our private Facebook group for parents or carers (please note that only photos of children with media consent will be posted to the group) – if you haven’t received an email from our Client Service Centre, give them a call on 13 13 02
  • We send out text message reminders before drop-off and pick-up
  • If you need to get in contact with us, call the centre your child is staying at directly

    For further information

    Please contact our friendly Client Service Centre Team on 13 13 02 or via email.