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Medical and consent form

A Medical and Consent form for each person attending an Office of Sport's Sport and Recreation Centre MUST be submitted at least two weeks before the program commences.

The Office of Sport endeavours to provide safe, healthy meals to all clients, including those with special dietary needs or food allergies (including anaphylaxis).

Who should complete this form? 

Complete this form if you are registering for a participant in:

  • a school camp
  • any program where meals are provided during your stay at a Sport and Recreation Centre.

How to complete the form below

To complete the form below, you will need the:

  • booking number (this is a six digit number)
  • venue (this will appear in a drop down list for you to select)
  • start date of the program.

It is important that these three items are correct. If you are unsure of any of these please check with your school or group organiser prior to completing the form.