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Government strengthens combat sports laws

December 2014

Minister for Sport and Recreation Stuart Ayres has announced new combat sports legislation is now in place across NSW.

“The regulation of combat sports in NSW has been extensively reviewed in recent years and the new regulatory regime will strengthen practices across the industry, improving safety for combatants and the integrity of contests,” Mr Ayres said.

“The Combat Sports Authority (CSA) becomes responsible for regulating both professional and amateur levels of combat sports which closes a regulatory gap and streamlines administrative processes.

“It will also help eliminate involvement of questionable, and sometimes criminal elements, in the fast growing and lucrative combat sports industry.

“Promoters and managers will be vetted by a strict ‘fit and proper person test’, that includes a security determination by NSW Police,” Mr Ayres added.

These roles have been identified as having significant ability to influence combatants and the conduct of combat sports contests.

Other industry participants will be subject to risk based ‘fit and proper person’ tests dependent of the roles they seek to undertake.

“The CSA will have greater ability to step in and take appropriate action where it identifies problems including issuing prohibition orders, revoking permits and issuing on-the-spot penalty notices for breaches of the Act and Regulation,” Mr Ayres continued.

“The legislative requirement for a Doctor to be present at all contests now extends to the amateur level, which will face a higher level of regulatory scrutiny than in the past.

“The Doctor or Combat Sports Inspector must direct a referee to stop the contest where it is appropriate to do so in the interests of the health of a combatant. A police officer present may stop a contest in the interest of public safety.

“The new legislation provides NSW with a set of clear and consistent rules and regulations for all participants in the fast growing combat sports industry,” Mr Ayres concluded.