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Sports Video Sessions: Social Media for Sport

Wondering how to spread the world about your club to like-minded people?

Watch any one of our SIX introductory videos to learn how social media can enhance communication with your sporting community.

Compiled by the Office of Sport with the help of sports technology consultant Alex Mednis, our videos will inform, inspire and motivate you to communicate and engage meaningfully with your fans, volunteers, players, parents and sponsors.

Each video varies from seven to 12 minutes and tackles a different topic:

  1. Introduction to social media for sport. Transcript (PDF, 24.2KB)
  2. Facebook for your sport. Transcript (PDF 20.2KB)
  3. Twitter for your sport. Transcript (PDF 21.3KB)
  4. Instagram, Snapchat and Flickr for your sport. Transcript (PDF 15.0KB)
  5. YouTube for your sport. Transcript (PDF 20.9KB)
  6. Using social media to acknowledge your sponsors. Transcript (PDF 20.6KB)

Click play below to begin learning about how social media can help your club.