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Complaints and grievances

On and off the field, complaints and grievances can happen in every sports club. What’s important is how quickly, fairly and effectively your club deals with them. Some matters can be resolved informally; others need to be addressed by following the formal procedures in place for your sport.

What club committees should do

When a complaint is made, club committees need to understand and adhere to the rules and policies for your club and sport including:

Training key volunteers can improve how effectively your club deals with complaints. Play by the Rules offer free online training in complaint handling.

When dealing with complaints, always be transparent in your commitment and actions and communicate policies and procedures to your members so that everyone is aware.

For difficult issues or advice on good complaint management, talk to your regional or state body.

More information

Head to the Office of the Children’s Guardian website for two easy to use templates – dealing with complaints and recording complaints.

Head to Play by the Rules for more information on handling complaints, including scenarios, a complaint handling tool, fact sheets and flowcharts.

The Clearinghouse for Sport connects people in sport to a world of ideas, experience and knowledge. 

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