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Codes of conduct

Codes of conduct are an integral part of any sporting organisation.  They set a standard of behaviour that help build a club’s culture and make it easier to deal with conduct and behaviour issues as they arise.

These can be many and varied. From on-field incidents, sideline abuse and mismanagement, to inappropriate social media posts, unfair treatment, poor sportsmanship and more.

Codes of conduct set expectations for everyone involved – from the administrators, coaches and officials, to players, parents and spectators.

What club committees should do

Establish Codes of Conduct

To create a code of conduct for your sports club, first contact your state or national body. In most cases, they’ll already have codes of conduct in place, usually within their member protection policy.

If not, Play by the Rules and Sport rage have sample codes of conduct you can adapt.

Spread the word

Once created, there are several ways you can make members aware and bring your code of conduct to life:

  • Have members sign a copy when they register

  • Put them up around your venue, where possible

  • Make them a part of inductions, meetings and training

  • Put them in newsletters, on your website and in club correspondence – and explain what they mean

  • Use the Sport rage resources to help educate on appropriate behaviour  

  • Train members in important behaviour-based topics like child protection, harassment, discrimination. 

More information

The Clearinghouse for Sport connects people in sport to a world of ideas, experience and knowledge.

Play by the Rules provides resources and training in safe, fair and inclusive sport.

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