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Sun protection

SunSmart UV alert for NSW

You can also download the app to your smartphone or add the widget to your club’s website.

The majority of sport in Australia is played outdoors when UV radiation is at its highest. That’s why it’s important sporting clubs protect players and spectators from sun damage. Even in winter, this holds true, especially in some parts of NSW where UV levels can sit at three or above for some or all of the day.

More information

Cancer Council NSW has a range of tips and resources to help sporting groups get savvy about sun protection, including:

  • Sample sun protection policy you can adapt for your club
  • 10-step sun protection checklist for sporting organisations
  • SunSmart UV alert for NSW that lets you check the sun protection times in your area along with maximum UV levels for the day.
  • Sample newsletters and content you can adapt for your club website and communications.