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Applying for Grants

Grants are a valuable source of finance for activities, events and facilities. There are a number of organisations both in NSW and Australia that offer grants to sport and recreation clubs.

Tips for applying for grants

Grant funding is generally for specific projects. Be clear about what type of project you want to undertake. Then find an appropriate grant to apply for. To help you successfully apply for a grant, follow these steps:

  • Guidelines - carefully read all the guidelines before you start to fill out the application. Make sure your project fits the guidelines. Many grant programs also issue a list of Frequently Asked Questions - read through these as there may be useful tips
  • Application -  if the grant program uses an online system, register your organisation and project early in the period the grant is open. This will allow grant administrators to communicate with you in relation to the program, if necessary
  • Understand requirements - align the information in your application with the grant program objectives. Understand how the application will be assessed
  • Canvass support – where it is recommended to do so, identify project partners and get letters of support
  • Deadlines - be aware of, and adhere to the application deadline. Double check your application – have you answered all questions and attached/uploaded all relevant supporting material?
  • Confirmation - get confirmation from the funding agency that your submission has been received. Most online systems will send you a notification email when your application is submitted. Keep a copy of this
  • Successful applicants - if you are successful, read the grant terms and conditions, seek authority to accept the funding and complete any funding agreement in a timely manner.  Follow other instructions in regard to claiming the grant. Make sure you are aware of the terms of the grant and if problems arise with the project, open up discussions with the funding provider before critical dates pass. Acknowledge the funding agency on signage or promotional material.

Finding grants

Grant programs:

Websites to help you find grants