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If your club selects athletes or teams, it is good practice to develop a selection policy that defines the selection criteria and process. That way athletes, coaches, managers and officials clearly understand the basis for selection.

What club committees can do

  • Speak to your regional/state/national body for advice to start with.  Understand the requirements and practises in your sport, as well as existing procedures
  • Develop your policies. There are many samples out there – search for examples from other clubs and/or sports.

Selection checklist – what to consider


  • Make sure there is power in your constitution to select teams/individuals
  • Detail selection criteria and processes
  • Communicate the policy widely, and with appropriate notice.

Selection criteria

  • Incorporate an overall selection objective/philosophy
  • Detail eligibility requirements such as age, number of games, times, participation at designated events
  • ​Ensure selection criteria is broad enough to consider factors such as past performance, attitudes and behaviour.

Selectors and selection process

  • Outline appointment and role of selectors
  • Detail the procedure of selection for selectors to follow
  • Set out the procedure for how and when selection will be communicated.

Other issues

  • Will reasons for non-selection be provided?
  • Include a power to withdraw selection for injury, misconduct or other reasons and a right for an athlete to withdraw
  • Outline dispute procedure
  • Include a right to change the criteria from time to time to adapt to requirements.

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