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For caseworkers

Applications close 5 business days prior to camp.

Give kids a fun and memorable holiday with our Kids’ Camps.

Designed for kids aged 7 to 16, our Kids’ Camps are led by qualified instructors and offer a range of fun and exciting activities that get kids outdoors learning new skills while making new friends.

From fishing to mountain biking, kayaking, abseiling, archery, sailing and cooking, you’re sure to find a camp the kids will love.

How to book

  1. Check if your agency's account is paid up. You can only make a booking when all overdue accounts are paid. To check, contact us.
  2. Review Sport and Recreation’s camper suitability process.
  3. Choose a camp.
  4. Raise a purchase order. Remember to include the child’s ID.
  5. Complete the application form for caseworkers.
  6. Check your email. Once your booking has been confirmed, we’ll email you information on what to bring to camp as well as transport times.

Important notes

  • Applications close 5 business days prior to camp.
  • If a transport contractor is collecting the child, please ensure that both Sport and Recreation and the child have this information.
  • Agency applications are not confirmed until the Centre Program Coordinator completes the suitability process. The Program Coordinator will conduct a risk assessment and may require further information before being able to confirm the booking.
  • Sport and Recreation will respond to your application within 5 working days.

Top tips

  • Get the kids involved - Which camp, where and for how long? When you involve a child in the decision making process, you empower them. They’ll be excited and happy about their choice and will make the most out of their camp experience.
  • Be prepared - Help meet their expectations by talking them through what they can expect at camp. From sleeping arrangements to mealtimes and activities, the better prepared a child is, the more they will enjoy their time away.
  • Get linked - To find out which camp can best meet your goals, link the camp to your case plan.