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Commerciality Framework for stadia

The NSW Government approved the NSW Stadia Commerciality Framework in April 2017.

The Framework forms the strategic basis for the stadia facilities operated by the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust and Venues NSW.  It allows the stadia facilities to operate both individually and as part of a network in an efficient, coordinated and consistently commercial manner. 

The Framework guides NSW Government decision making in relation to:

  • coordinating approaches for the key strategic direction, functions, and operation of the Stadia Network; 
  • identifying opportunities to improve the financial performance of the Stadia Network;
  • developing operating models, including future decisions surrounding any shared services across the Stadia Network; 
  • guiding finance and investment, including decisions on future capital investment in the Stadia Network and guidance on the considerations for procurement and alternative funding sources;
  • identifying and valuing non-commercial activities.

Read the Commerciality Framework (PDF, 1.53MB)